Acrylic on MDF

Status: Complete

Type: Mural Artwork for an Youth Ki Awaaz‘s office space

Project location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Completion Year:  2016

Size :   100 square feet

Mural Artwork: Rita John

Assistance in Assembly: Akeeksha Kashyap, Dishant Juneja, Diya Jain, Ojasvini Varma, Purvi Sharma, Rohan Kaushik

87 words hidden in 987 pieces of painted wood, Subtext explores the viewer’s ability to recognize familiar words in an unfamiliar configuration. It brings out a conscious process of recognition of symbols as an integral part of understanding language that a reader otherwise does involuntarily. Every piece of wood contributes in parallel to the making of two separate words of completely different meanings. Each word read then further triggers thought about what its individual meaning and relevance could be. Subtext breaks down letters to be seen as visual symbols that have many ways of being read, quite like how the words they form can be understood to have countless meanings.

The words in Subtext are derived from Youth Ki Awaaz‘s written content and are representative of the platform’s ideals, themes and core values.

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