Calming of the Storm

“Calming of the Storm”

Stained glass installation

Status: Built

Type: Stained glass design for St.Stephen’s Hospital’s chapel

Project location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Completion Year:  2011

Size :  168 square feet

A stained glass installation consisting of a series of adjacent panels was designed representing the biblical theme of the ‘calming of the storm’.

The artform and geometries used are contemporary to the building’s context and break away from the traditional use of the craft since the modern method of fabrication of stained glass allows for freer forms and flowing lines. Each panel’s lines flow into the next to complete the narrative of the stormy sea waters being calmed by the god figure walking on the water – another biblical reference.

As the room is completely day-lit, the ambience within it varies dramatically with the sun’s position and the hues within each panel change continuously as the day goes by.

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