Emulsion paint on wall

Status: Complete

Type: Mural artwork for Honeymoon Inn Resort

Project location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Completion Year:  2017

Size :   325 square feet

Mural Artwork: Rita John

“Fractal” is painted across the numerous planes of the Honeymoon Inn Resort’s reception’s area which is a double height space. As Manali is a popular winter destination for tourists who wish to experience snowy mountainscapes, the main concept behind the mural was the representation of snowflake fractals in various scales.
The unique geometries of individual snowflakes have been magnified and painted in a warm coloured composition that extends from the back of the reception counter, onto the ceiling and all the way up the walls of the entrance lobby. Similar snowflake geometries have been incorporated into the stone flooring as well.

The multiple folding planes of the site, from the floor to the ceiling above, each provided a separate canvas that could be linked with each other or viewed separately if needed. This allowed for different scales of fractals to be used and with varying frequencies and combinations of colour. The mural is extremely dense at the bottom where the viewer’s eye can discern detail and becomes more spread out at the highest points where the viewing distance is increased.

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